Trustee Insight: Ruby Parmar

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Written by Ruby Parmar

Some would say I’m lucky having the ability to give up a financially secure job and be more in control of my time. I would say I am very lucky and privileged to have worked in the professional services sector for over 30 years where I worked my way up to Partner at PwC and now have the skills and experience necessary to take a step to the other side.

At PwC as a client relationship partner with a background in tax, I spent my time building, nurturing and supporting relationships with some of the most talented individuals at Board level as well as being a trusted advisor to private business owners and entrepreneurs.

Now having “resigned” from the partnership on 30 June 2019, I have gone ‘plural” , a term used to describe multiple roles. I sit on 3 Private business Boards, all with differing levels of involvement as well as fulfilling roles such as college governor, trustee of a charity and seats on business boards in MK. All of these, bar one, I was pursuing to a much lesser degree whilst still at PwC with the firms blessing, knowing that from being a busy partner leading our MK office, I would need activities that stimulated and challenged me when I took the step to the other side.

I use the term “the other side” as I have truly gone from giving advice and counsel to the entrepreneur/board executive sitting across the table. I am surprised how quickly I have fallen into the roles which throw up their own challenges around growth, investment and the inevitable one around people management and development.

Just when you think you’ve done your dream job, along come opportunities to stimulate and engage you and you are no longer “retired” but rather “re-fired” to do multiple fulfilling roles. I highly recommend it.

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