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The Women Leaders’ awards recognise the achievements of remarkable women living or working within Milton Keynes. These prestigious awards celebrate the very best of local female talent and has grown year on year to be a significant date for the professional community.

Your support would be very welcome as the charity continues to grow and promote all that is best about local women leaders and their contribution to MK’s burgeoning success.

There are many ways to support and sponsors can choose from a number of packages. With a range of packages available you can showcase your organisation along with your support for inspirational and future women leaders.

Why is Milton Keynes the best place in the UK for women in enterprise?  2020’s Women Leaders will be part of the conversation. Be a sponsor, join us as a guest or nominate noteworthy women from your organisation, community or field of expertise. 

The high proportion of female business owners is a key factor driving the city’s economic success.  The evidence comes from two influential research papers.  The Centre for Cities report lists Milton Keynes as the location with the “most dynamic business environment” in the UK outside London while the work from Paymentsense shows it’s the best place in the country to start a business.  Business start-ups have a greater chance of thriving here than anywhere else and the latter report also points out that almost a third of companies are owned by women.

Dr Julie Mills OBE chairs Women Leaders UK, says: 


“This is why organisations like Women Leaders are so important in continuing our city’s economic development.  All the evidence shows that creating an environment where women can be entrepreneurial adds a whole new dimension to productivity.  It’s also no coincidence that the gender pay gap is narrowing more quickly here than in many other places – another strong indicator of an economy with better balance to be successful.”

Dr Julie Mills OBE

Chair of Board

Get involved by championing the women leaders you know and help contribute to Milton Keynes’ growth and recognition.