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Women Leaders Awards 2020 Winners

Julie Mills to Hannah Ingram-Moore – Leadership Everytwhere

Francesca Skelton to Carly Wilford – Music and Entertainment

Bianca Lutman to Kate Davidson – Sport

Ruby Parmar to Sarah Thorne – Professional Services

Ruby Parmar to Kate Broadhurst – Professional Services

Julie Mills to Lorraine Lewis – Community Impact (Volunteer)

Sarah Thorne to Melanie Beck – Manufacturing and Construction

Nick Mann to Ashanti Akabusi – Entrepreneur

Nikki Ross to Sally Burnie - Healthcare

Nikki Ross to Sally Burnie – Healthcare

Ruby Parmar to Kelly Gardner – Public Services

Julie Mills to Reverend Gill Barrow-Jones – Outstanding Contribution Award 

Gamiel Yafai presenting to Hanayyah Sutton – Emerging Leader

Gamiel Yafai presenting to Claire Butler-Ellis – Engineering, Science and Maths.

Women Leaders 2020 Awards highlights reel

“This year of all years it has never been more important to recognise that leadership is everywhere. Our friends at Event Loft have created a short video of our special evening to  celebrate the remarkable women leading in our city.”


JULIE MILLS OBE – Chair of Trustees

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Women Leaders Logo

Women Leaders Awards 2020 Finalists


Fola Komolafe MBE DL 

Rev Gill Barow-Jones 

Hannah Ingram Moore 

Kathy Howard 

Art Culture & Creative Industries

Kate Chadwick 

Megan Jones

Dr Noël James  

Community Impact (Employed)

Kathy Howard 

Nicola Bell  

Odette Mould 

Community Impact (Volunteer)

Lorraine Lewis 

Rebecca Benzie

Sue Malleson 

Victoria McLean  

Digital & Technology

Amanda Cooper OBE 

Ashanti Akabusi 

Lucy Gallois

Emerging Leader

Hanayyah Sutton 

Hannah White  

Natalie Drought 

Engineering, Science, Maths

Clare Butler Ellis 

Hannah Sargeant 

Dr Iva Chianella 



Ashanti Akabusi

Ros McFadden 

Sarah Thorne 


Dr Claire Feeley 

Sally Burnie

Dr Tina Barton  


Leisure and Retail

Jenni Trigwell  

Kate Broadhurst

Nikki Findlay 

Manufacturing and Construction

Melanie Owen

Pam Parker  

Susan Waters 

Music and Entertainment

Carly Wilford

Liberty Spinks

Vicki McCarthy

Professional Services

Claire Chan

Hanayyah Sutton

Sarah Thorne

Public Services

Jane Thorpe

Kelly Gardner  

Lindsey Styles

Nicola Marfleet 



Julie Tucker 

Kate Davidson 

Kelly Day